Monday, 27 April 2009


Just thought I would post this up as I havn't posted anything on here for ages. Just been posting on another site for the last project: Encounters.

Here is the overall outcome:


The website I was on that has mine and my partners animating process: HERE

Thursday, 29 January 2009

To top off the cherry

I have stills of my expressions project. You know, the one we got set over the summer.
I started this before we got round to doing the puppets. So I used plastecine which melts and drops and gets messy under lighting. It was a tedious; take picture, close lights, move the panda a little bit, open lights, take picture and so on sort of project.
I don't have the actual animation on my laptop as I put it together in school, but here's a taster:

Finally, it has uploaded!

It finally uploaded. Enjoy:

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Puppet animation. Animating the wire and fluff.

I thought this was really fun personally. I love stop frame animations, but I admire it more afar than wanting to this it for something for the future.

Here are some images of my character;

She was made out of bits and bob's I found. And the green panda was made also by me with green felt fabric, old toy stuffing and permanent marker.
As for the Puppet animation outcome, it's quiet energetic; in the sence that I was lucky that her metal skeleton didn't break.
All sounds done by me.

I can't get the video up for some reason. I have tried 79364872643 times. I'll just post this for now. Maybe it will work another time/day/place/who?

Monday, 19 January 2009

DYNAMICS! How dynamic.

So yeah. Dynamics. I went over like 4 different ideas(one half done), before I settled for a simple walk cycle. For practice and all.
Here's the initial (more detailed) character idea I made;Kinda made her by accident, kinda didn't. I can't help the panda touch x__X
Coloured with watercolour pencils.

And here is the animation, thus far without sound.. Might post/edit this post with the sound version. Not that there's going to be ear orgasmic sound added on. Just something simple to emphasise that she is walking and walking and walking and wa...
Check the top hat, pant's and ribbon. That's the main point of her to ever want to walk. Waver my things, WAVERRR!
I'm not completely happy with her. Her walk can be touched up a bit; she moves through the ground a little iffy. But a lesson learned I say =B

P.S Yes she can magicly teleport from one side to another ;P
P.S.S I edited this post with the sound version of the walk =D

Saturday, 17 January 2009

Just to make way.

just going to spam because the video, sized the way it is, is getting in the way of things




Sonic Postcard.

Here's the completion(?) of my sonic postcard. Adding camera angles helps a lot. Beforehand, it was still and boring to watch. Excuse the minor errors. I won't mention them xD

Original image from Ashley Wood. I lightly animated over the original image to bring the seperate characters alive. The drumming in the soundtrack was done by Fred (forgot his surname). The rest of the sounds were from my oral hole (mouth) and alot of sound editing. Yes the voice is me =D

Excuse quality and enjoy.